Snore Mouthpiece – 4 Reviews

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snore mouthpiece reviewSnoring afflicts not just the individual who snores; snoring affects the sleep quality of anyone who shares the bedroom with the snorer. In this way alone you can benefit greatly from our snore mouthpiece review.  The snore mouthpiece is an invention that seeks to tackle this disturbing and common condition.

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Many factors contribute to snoring, but chronic snoring is often the result of an individual’s anatomy of the throat and airway passage. Floppy tissues in the mouth and throat lead to vibrations during sleep and cause constriction of the air passage, which causes snoring.

Symptoms of fatigue become persistent, resulting in a variety of health and relationship concerns, such as irritability, headaches, and excessive sleepiness during the day.

Sometimes, snoring is related to sleep apnea, a highly risk-posing condition causing sudden cessation of breathing during sleep that can potentially lead to death. Snore treatments address the common structural variations that cause a person to snore.

Snore mouthpiece usage has been shown to work in the mouth by increasing airflow through modification of the obstructed passages. They are designed to push the lower jaw slightly forward and help prevent the tongue from sliding back, thereby improving airflow. Similar to dental retainers, these anti-snoring devices are molded to fit the mouth.

SnoreRX – The Ultimate Solution
SnoreRX meets the highest standards of design required by Medicare. Micro-fitting options enhance the comfort and safety of the user. Adjustable in practically unlimited ways, it delivers calibration in 1 mm increments which makes it superbly effective and comfortable. Made without hard acrylics, its Flex-Jaw design provides controlled lateral movement. An additional advantage of this device is bruxism protection — prevention of teeth-grinding during sleep. Its thermal-fit feature allows for precise fitting to the user’s mouth.

PureSleep Snoring Solutions
This snoring mouth guard is an FDA-approved device that has a patented adjustable design. Manufactured in the USA, using only US-made materials, PureSleep consists of an upper and lower piece, which is adaptable to three settings that depend upon the bite of the user. It is then softened using the boiling process to mold exactly to the form of the teeth. It was one of the first mouth guards introduced into the market for snoring cures.

ProSnore Snoring Aid
Designed by a dentist, ProSnore works similarly to other mouthpieces to prevent snoring. Intended to eliminate the need for fitting in a dentist’s office, this product was created to make snoring aids affordable. It is advertised for its benefits in the treatment of snoring and as a sleep apnea mouthpiece. Using an in-home dental impression kit, this mouthpiece is form-fitted to your precise dental structure.

SnoreMender Anti-Snoring Device
This stop snoring dental mouth guard is designed by dental surgeons in Denmark and claims to be ready-to-use straight out of the box, without the need for fitting and adjustments to the individual’s mouth and teeth. Adjustable and constructed from flexible materials, this device has a hinged design that allows freedom of movement of the lower jaw where it sits, reducing jaw discomfort.

Snoring mouthpiece reviews can help you determine the snore mouthpiece that is right for you. Snoring-related insomnia can be prevented and sleep apnea risks can be greatly reduced with the correct device.

Vital Sleep Mouthpiece

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vital sleep mouthpieceThe best thing about a Vital Sleep mouthpiece is that it provides results. It’s the ideal solution for all those who struggle with problem snoring.

Basically, this mouthpiece can be considered as a jaw correcting device. It is able to move your jaw as well as hold it in the correct position while you are sleeping. Even though there are various mouthpieces available on the market, this one scores higher above the competition.

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It is the material of this mouthpiece that makes all the difference. While the other products are made of a hard plastic, this one is made of a plastic that is form fitting. It can easily be customized to fit you. You simply need to warm it up in hot water. Then place it in your mouth. This is the same process that you follow in the case of any athletic mouth guard. And there is no need of a dentist here. Thus the process is neither time consuming nor expensive. The next advantage is in terms of its price. So when this unit wears out it can be replaced easily.

Another reason that makes this product better than others is the comfort that it provides. This is due to the material from which it is made as well as the forming process which gives it that custom fit. The Vital Sleep anti snore device is not hard. In fact, it is a little more flexible than the others. This is why it does not cause pain the way other rigid solutions will.

This product has been created by The Snore Reliever Company. This is a FDA approved product and hence it is safe.

After all, snoring can cause sleep deprivation leading to irritability; low productivity due to lack of focus, in addition to drowsiness during the day. This mouthpiece is able to stop snoring as it is designed to fit easily in your mouth. The mouthpiece will be able to hold your lower jaw in a slight forward position while you are sleeping. This helps to open the airway which is in the back of your throat. Thus more air enters into your lungs. The snoring gets eliminated as the vibration of the soft tissue surrounding it tends to get reduced or may even be eliminated. More oxygen into the bloodstream will mean a better more restful sleep.

For those who are not comfortable with the idea of using a mouthpiece for stopping their snoring, can avail to the lower cost of the mouthpiece by Vital Sleep in addition to the 30 day money back guarantee in case it does not work or does not suit them. Hence it could be worth the effort to try it out in order to sleep better at night and also to help the one sleeping with you. Technology has been used here to ensure improvement over the other mouthpieces that were being used in the past.

Visit the Snore Reliever Co. to learn more about this amazing Vital Sleep mouthpiece.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

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sleep apneaSleep disorders are an area of health that many of us know little about; insomnia is recognized but misdiagnosed, many people are unaware of conditions such as restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea is widely misunderstood . There are many misconceptions associated with sleep apnea and the most dangerous is the assumption that it is nothing more serious than a case of chronic snoring.

This brief guide hopes to dispel some of these myths and show you how important it is that people understand sleep apnea and the specific type they may have.

What is sleep apnea?

There are in fact two very different forms of sleep apnea – central and obstructive – and a third, more dangerous complication, called complex sleep apnea; each of which can result in the sufferer being unable to breathe properly for periods during their sleep.

The obstructive form is the variety that people will be most familiar with because not only is it characterized by pauses in breathing and snores due to obstructions in the airway, it is also the most common form. Central apnea differs from obstructive because it is neurological not physiological, the inability to breathe properly comes from signals from the brain.

Sometimes a patient will be diagnosed with complex sleep apnea which, unsurprisingly, means that they have a more complicated form where they suffer from both the obstructive and central forms.

How do these neurological and physiological disorders manifest themselves? What are the causes?

Obstructive sleep apnea is either the result of physical obstruction that blocks the airways to make breathing impossible or an increase in soft, fatty tissue that restricts the airway and makes the sufferer more prone to snoring. This change in tissue structure can be caused by a number of factors from old age to a poor diet and lifestyle; excess weight and fat can put pressure on the airways and decrease the elasticity of the tissue.

Central sleep apnea is different because it is caused by brain signals so any impairment to the brain stem or neurological disease could be to blame, however some medications and other illnesses such as hyperthyroidism can also play their part.

As shown above, these two forms of sleep apnea are not exclusive and it is possible to suffer from the physical obstructions in later life as well as the neurological impairment. In some cases, a patient may be unfortunate to have an idiopathic form of the condition which means that the precise form and causes cannot be properly identified. This can be problematic because it is important for people suffering with the condition in any form to understand the causes so an informed diagnosis can be made and treatment can be started.

Summary – What is sleep apnea?

Diagnosing sleep apnea and finding the right treatment may not be particularly easy but understanding the dangers that it poses and the causes is much simpler once people recognize that sleep apnea is serious condition of its own and learn the difference between the different forms. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where people lack the ability to breathe properly either by physical obstructions, brain impairments or both and while snoring can be a symptom; it is just a small part of a much large condition.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

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Stop snoring mouthpieceSnoring is really a common scenario with many people not even knowing that they suffer with this problem. It is really difficult to get a good nights rest when sleeping with someone who is a constant snorer. The best way to prevent this problem is to purchase a stop snoring mouthpiece which works to eliminate this condition in the affected individual. These popular devices are also referred to as sleep apnea mouthpieces.

The way these devices function

Snoring is aggravated by the lack of control of voluntary muscles typically used during sleep. A mouthpiece blocks the jaw from falling backwards and stopping airflow through the cavity. It also assists in controlling and preventing that annoying sound of snoring that’s been keeping the people near you, wide awake in the early hours of the morning.

Reasons to buy an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

A stop snoring mouthpiece is advantageous for 2 essential reasons.

1. Improves the airflow

Anti-snoring devices maintain and improve the overall performance of the upper respiratory system and improve the airflow, indicating that whoever uses this device will be in a position to sleep better. Because of the mouthpiece, vital organs such as the brain draw the oxygen they need. Without these devices, snorers are at a greater risk of diseases including cardiac arrest and heart stroke because of the depletion of oxygen in the body during sleep.

2. Better sleep quality

Another advantage is that it leads to better sleep quality for the snorer and also for the partner. This is true because the person sleeping next to them will no longer have a disturbed nights sleep from all the sounds being produced by the snorer. A good sleep is extremely important as it prepares the person for a hectic day ahead. Also, using an anti-snore mouthpiece is the best way to ensure you are well rested.

Things to consider before purchasing an Anti Snore Mouthpiece

An anti-snoring mouthpiece should have a great fit to function better, otherwise it may not stop the person from snoring. A poor snoring device will not be of any use if it is uncomfortable or causes pain. A dentist can give you guidance in regard to a good fit and help you feel comfortable about wearing one before sleeping.

Only purchase snoring aids that are safe for everyday use. Mouthpieces are usually safe but oftentimes, a badly produced mouthpiece, or an ill-fitting one will cause discomfort and difficulty in sleeping. Go for a mouthpiece that won’t harm your teeth and gums. Consult a dentist if you are having problems.

You can also search the web for the best snoring mouthpiece reviews based on brands available on the market or online.

There may be other reasons for snoring as well, so it is best to seek advice from your physician.  Undertaking tests can help you discover the main cause of your snoring. This way, you would be given choices for a suitable stop snoring mouthpiece.

Snoring Aids – How To Decide

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snoring aidsHave you searched through the collection of snoring aids available on the internet only to find that you are more undecided than you were when you started?  Well hopefully by the time you leave our site you will have a better idea of what might work for you.

Snoring is a common condition that affects people from all walks of life, whether they are old or young. This condition is sometimes the sign of a much bigger health problem, but in many cases it is simply the result of a poor sleeping position.

Sleeping posture can cause the air waves to be blocked and difficulty in breathing. Whatever the cause of your snoring problem, you need only determine the best snoring device to suit your situation and you can end your problem easily. Let’s take a look at the things you need to consider when searching for the best snoring aids.

The market is full of anti snoring devices, so sifting through the numerous products to find a snoring treatment is a process that can take a lot of time.  After reading our reviews you will be able to make a knowledgeable decision about which snore mouthpiece will work best for you.

We’ve tried to make it easy as we are aware that you may have no idea which is the best snoring device for your particular problem. Fortunately, there are product options that can help you find the perfect solution to snoring.

Is A Snoring Solution Important?

Finding the best device to solve your snoring problem is imperative, so you and your partner can have a pleasant sleep. Most importantly, you need to have an effective aid that will give you the best value for your money and eliminate the problem. I’m sure you’re well aware that snoring is a nuisance to your bed partner and a major cause of sleep disruption. This is why you should only consider products or solutions that will reduce your snoring or eliminate the problem for good.

Solutions To A Snoring Problem

There are numerous snoring aids such as a snoring chin strap, stop snoring mouthpiece, pillows, snore strips, etc available on the market. The many choices make the task of choosing the best solution a bit daunting.  However, as mentioned earlier, you can easily find the best solution to snoring by considering the factors below:


It is best to choose the device you are comfortable wearing, and one that will not hinder your movement. Keep in mind that you can only sleep soundly when you are comfortable to the degree that you almost don’t know it’s there.  If the solution you choose causes pain, you will not have a restful sleep.  We’re talking about something that you will more than likely wear for the rest of your life.


This is the foremost thing you need to consider when searching for the perfect snoring solution.  You certainly don’t want a device that could malfunction while you are sleeping and endanger your life. It is imperative also that you read the label or safety warning before buying the device.

Easy to Use

Snoring is already a problem, so why complicate the matter even more by buying a device that is very complicated to wear or use. Therefore, when you want the best device to stop snoring make sure you purchase one that is easy to put on.

Is It Advisable To Consult Doctors When Buying Snoring Aids?

Yes, it is advisable to ask for your doctors recommendation, as they know what causes snoring and the surefire solution to the different causes of snoring. Take note, you can stop snoring with the help of snoring aids so certainly going that extra step and consulting your physician can be helpful.

What Causes Snoring?

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Snore Mouthpiece

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Snoring is a fairly common condition that can occur in anyone, but there are some people and populations that tend to experience snoring more than others. For those that have ever wondered, “what causes snoring“?, these are some of the main causes.

Why Do People Snore?

What generally causes snoring is obstructed nasal airways. Many people start to snore during the allergy season or if they become ill with a sinus infection. Certain times of the year or contracting a disease can be a main cause. Individuals who have a deviated septum will usually have mild snoring as well. This is a condition when the nose is slightly deformed and has a structural change in the wall that separates the two nostrils.

Poor muscle tone is also a frequent cause. The throat and tongue muscles can relax too much at night. These causes of snoring can be more severe in old age, with the onset of aging and muscle loss.

Having bulky throat tissue is also a common cause of snoring. This can occur in people who are overweight and may have excess mass in the throat area.

Children who may have large tonsils or large adenoids will generally experience snoring because of this as well.

Some anti snoring devices work by separating the nasal airways and ensuring that the muscles do not collapse. This is one of the main solutions that is recommended and it can be very effective in some individuals at preventing snoring.

Another form of snoring treatment is weight loss. Individuals who are moderately overweight or obese will usually find that their problems go away by losing even a small amount of weight. Not only will weight loss be beneficial, it can also improve snoring.

If snoring is caused by seasonal allergies, snoring aids may be as simple as prescribing a simple decongestant. These medications work to keep the nasal passages from being inflamed and ensuring that breathing is easy during sleep. Remedies for snoring may also be an antibiotic, assuming that the snoring is caused by a cold or a nasal infection. Many people will have infections for months without it being treated, and develop a snoring problem as a side effect.

Snoring cures will vary on the root problem of the snoring. While most doctors will recommend trying some basic remedies like snoring aids to keep the nasal passages open, some individuals may need further intervention. If the snoring is caused by a deviated septum, it may be necessary to consider having nasal surgery in order to correct the passages and prevent snoring. A doctor will generally try other methods before resorting to this and recommend surgery only after general methods have been exhausted.

The causes of snoring are numerous and what causes snoring may be linked to several problems. While overweight and elderly individuals have the most problems with snoring, it can happen to anyone. The best course of action is to talk to a doctor, especially if the snoring lasts for an extended period, and consider which treatment method may be most applicable.

Snore Mouthpiece – How Does It Work?

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snoringIf you’ve never used a snore mouthpiece and you struggle with problem snoring, you’ll be happy to know that relief is within your grasp. This little miracle is really just that. It was developed originally by a dentist and since then has been modified by numerous companies, all claiming that their model is better than the rest.

The idea of a snoring device is to hold the air waves open in order that the patient can breath easier and get a restful nights sleep. Not only is this a benefit to the patient but also to the person lying next to them. Snoring devices have brought relief to hundreds of thousands of men and women who suffer from sleep apnea and other related problems.

I had my first experience with problem snoring when my wife notified me that she couldn’t sleep and if I didn’t see about the problem, we would soon be sleeping in different beds. Up until that time, I really had no idea that I had a snoring problem.

I made a visit to a sleep apnea clinic and after some tests it was determined that I in fact had sleep apnea. However, there was a treatment and that was when I was introduced to a mouthpiece for snoring. That device came at a cost of over $2400 at the time. I’m happy to say that today these snoring devices are much more affordable and easier to come by.

The original mouthpiece that I received was like a set of dentures with a screw holding them together. The bottom part of the apparatus was maintained in a position that held my jaw forward to allow the air waves to remain open once I fell into a deep sleep. The jaw tends to retract once your sleeping and this causes your throat to close. Thus breathing becomes snoring resulting in a restless nights sleep.

So not only does a snore mouthpiece help you to breath easier during sleep but you will find that you are much more rested in the morning. You probably won’t need that extra nap in the afternoon.